Stationery Package ExampleAre you a start-up business in need of an identity, or an established company looking to revamp your image? B&A Creations offers custom logo design and stationery packages, and we work closely with you to design a logo that represents your company and appeals to your target audience. With a logo design package from B&A Creations, you will receive the final logo on a cd in several file formats for both web and print and a logo usage guide to help ensure that your logo is reproduced correctly across all media. Add on a stationery package and receive a professionally designed letterhead, envelope, and business card to complement your logo design.

Click here to see examples of our work, and download our Logo Type Reference Guide and Logo Design Worksheet to help you get started with a new corporate identity.

Types of Logos

Most logo designs will fall into three categories; Illustrative, Iconic and Text Based. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and by being familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the different versions, you can make an educated decision on which logo type is best for you.

Iconic Logo ExampleIconic Logo
Iconic logos generally feature symbols that reflect an aspect of the company and/or product portrayed. They can be used solo, or with text. This form of logo is the most common, yet often difficult to design.

Illustrative Logo ExampleIllustrative Logo
Illustrative logos are usually more complex than iconic, and are a pictorial representation of some aspect of the company or product portrayed. This can be the name, the business concept or a mascot that can be developed. Illustrative logos require more time and major modifications generally involve starting from scratch.

Text Based Logo ExampleText Based Logo
Text based logos are the simplest but the designer is limited to the "tricks of the trade" that are available. A memorable text logo can help "brand" your name and is generally easy to reproduce on a wide variety of promotional items.

Logo Re-creation

Does your company already have a logo, but you need it redrawn, retouched, or in vector format? B&A Creations can re-create logos from raster to vector, lo-res to hi-res, or from a hard copy. It will look just like, or better than, the original.

Example of a logo before it was recreatedExample of a logo after it was recreated
In this project, B&A Creations was asked to re-create the Town of Hammonton's logo from a raster file into vector format. Once the logo was reproduced exactly as it was originally provided, the client then requested that modifications be made to improve the overall design of the logo.


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